Institute Courses

Online Bible Institute Audio Lecture Courses

Tuition Fee for Each Course: $70.00

Each Audio Lecture is Approximately 30 Minutes in Length

A Survey of the Old Testament I
22 Lectures

The Book of Genesis through II Samuel Chapter 8

A Survey of the Old Testament II
22 Lectures

II Samuel Chapter 9 through Daniel 3:18

A Survey of the Old Testament III
20 Lectures

Daniel Chapter 4 through the Book of Malachi

The Book of Genesis
32 Lectures

An overview of the Book of Genesis

The Book of Daniel
31 Lectures

Insights in the Book of Daniel which are applicable for today

A Survey of the New Testament I
22 Lectures

The Story of the Bible: Matthew Chapter 1 through John Chapter 7

A Survey of the New Testament II
22 Lectures

The Story of the Bible: John Chapter 8 through I Corinthians Chapter 7

A Survey of the New Testament III
20 Lectures

The Story of the Bible: I Corinthians Chapter 8 through The Book of the Revelation

The Epistle of Paul to the Romans
18 Lectures

Learn the Five Major Doctrines in Paul’s Epistle to the Romans

The Epistle to the Hebrews
24 Lectures

Studies in the Epistle to the Hebrews

The Parables of Jesus
24 Lectures

Learn how and why the parables were used by Christ to Teach

The Book of the Revelation
34 Lectures

An in-depth study of future events

New Testament Theology
24 Lectures

Master the Major New Testament Principles of Theology

The Doctrine of God
10 Lectures

A study about the many attributes of God our Creator

Making Disciples that Make a Difference
20 Lectures

Learn to teach others also after a person accepts Christ as Savior

Women in Scripture and Church History
16 Lectures

A valuable study about the role of women in history and today

Spiritual Warfare
22 Lectures

Examining the activities of evil forces in the world today and how to be victorious

A Biblical Theology of Christian Education
16 Lectures

A course that should be taken by everyone who teaches

The Art of Mentoring
28 Lectures

A course that teaches you how to help others grow in Christ

The History of Biblical Counseling
18 Lectures

The origin and contemporary development of Biblical Counseling

Women’s Issues in Counseling
16 Lectures

Skills and techniques for counseling women

Resolving Conflict through Personal Forgiveness
20 Lectures

Learn the art of resolving conflict in the church and social settings

Comparative Analysis of Human Psychology
22 Lectures

You will learn to distinguish between biblical and humanistic concepts

The Philosophy of Religion
16 Lectures

You will learn the various forms of religion to be a more effective witness for Christ